Online Sacramental Preparation

The unprecedented changes to our world need innovative responses. The Augustine Institute now presents sacramental preparation through the power of digital technology. 

Now you can access videos that combine faithful Catholic teaching, cinematic beauty and some of the Church’s most compelling speakers. With age-appropriate pedagogy and instructional sequencing, these courses will inspire your heart and inform your mind to draw you closer to God’s love and the truth of His Church. 

And, for parents who are homeschooling religious education for their children, courses come with stopping points to check for understanding. Timely, meaningful and engaging... welcome to an exciting new way to understand, live, and share the Catholic faith. 

Available for Parish Purchasing

These courses are available for group purchasing for Parishes, Dioceses and other organizations at a discount.  

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Compelling Catholic Presenters

Edward Sri

Lucas Pollice

Fr. John Riley

Mary Pollice

Julie Miles

Scott Powell

Matt Fradd

Chenele Shaw

Chris Stefanick

Mark Giszczak

Tim Gray

Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Crystalina Evert

Jason Evert

Mary Healy

Sean Innerst

Jim Beckman

Leah Darrow

Teresa Tomeo

Curtis Martin

Patrick Coffin

What You'll Get

Each course includes a wide variety of instructional resources

  • Engaging video with the top production quality

  • Embedded learning resource guides and activities

  • Quizzes, so you can check for understanding

  • A certificate of completion at the completion of each course, suitable for framing